Molluscum contagious
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My GF has been diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, what are the probabilities that I am infected as well? Are there any precautions or preventive medicines I should take? How long does it take her to cure from this virus? Does it leave any permanent marks or spots on the skin?

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    • Dr. Gaurav Singra
      Hi there!
      Molluscum Contagious (MC) is a viral infection common in children between age 1 and 5 years. But It can occurs at any age. MC is generally a harmless condition that will normally resolve in a few months without any specific treatment. Usually, the symptom of MC is a number of small, firm, raised papules (spots) that develop on the skin. They are not painful, but can be itchy. 
      How it spread:
      Although MC is infectious, the chance of passing it on to others during normal activities is small. The virus can spread through many ways such as close direct contact by touching the skin, by touching contaminated objects like towels and clothes, and sexual contact. It is not known exactly how long someone with MC is contagious for, but it is thought the contagious period may last up until the last spot has completely healed.
      In people who are otherwise healthy, individual spots usually clear up within two months. However, it is common for the condition to spread around the body, so it can take up to 18 months or more for the condition to resolve completely.
      Treatment for MC to in adults:
      Generally no treatment is required unless the infection become worse. There are minor procedures such as cryotherapy (where the spots are removed by freezing them). But it is recommended when the spots are particularly unsightly and affect quality of life, or for people with weak immune system. In some cases, the spots can become infected with bacteria and are treated with antibiotics. 
      How to prevent MC:
      Avoid squeezing or scratching the spots by this you are preventing further spread of infection to yourself and others. Keep affected areas of skin covered with clothing whenever possible and waterproof bandage can be put over the area if you go swimming. Avoid sharing towels and clothes. Avoid sharing baths. Using a condom while having sex can reduce the risk of passing on MC. The marks and spots will disappear itself in few months.
      I hope this information will help. If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help you.
      Kindest regards,
      Dr Gaurav Singra