Supplements for Heart Health
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I read that COQ10 can be taken to help prevent heart disease that leads to death.

Studies: Q-Symbio study (44% improved) and Kisel-10 study... kiesel study states to use Selenium with COQ10 (54% improved).

So I want to know if other minerals or vitamins help COQ10 be absorbed in the body? 

Hypertension, stroke, heart attack, all run in my family and I would love to know how to best implement this supplement effectively!!

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    • Dr. Christian Assad
      Hi there. You seem to be very well informed. The studies I believe you are quoting are from Heart Failure studies. One of them being an abstract published in JACC. Issue being that you need to make sure what you buy is what you get. Many products you could buy in Gnc for example do not truly have an active ingredient.
      In order for CoQ10 be absorbed in a more efficient manner you need to look for a solubilized formula which is known to be more efficient than tablets.
      This is particularly true if you happen to be taking a statin for cholesterol treatment which affects levels of available CoQ10.
      People with hypertension have up to a 4 fold increase of cardiovascular incidents including stroke and heart attacks. Therefore knowing what your bp is, healthy diet, being active, losing weight are all important. They will reduce bp and thus it's consequences.
      Get a lipid panel
      Check your bp 3 times a day for 1 week and if high you will benefit from medical therapy.
      If you really are trying to impact your cardiovascular health I would go with medications that have proven to be efficient in reducing bp and lipids and not primarily supplements. This include 
      AceI or ARBs
      Calcium Channel blockers
      Statins for lipids