Red spots on my skin
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I just came back from Maldives and I have red spots all over my body except face. These pots are itchy. What could this be? I have an appointment with my doctor in Tuesday but feel very worried. 
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    • Dr. Engy William
      I need to know more about those spots, rasised above skin or not? If pic. Possible would be better, any high tempreature? Did u take anything to make itch calm down? Did it work or not?
      Look there are many possibilities for that, maybe just allergy fron eating there or might be insect bites, those are mild things and needs antihistaminics and you will be fine.
      If you have fever, neck stiffeness, bone aches here this might be an infection and you should visut your doctor fast. To know which type of infection is it by some laboratory tests, like complete blood picture, urine analysis, esr, liver enzymes.
      Are you married? Had any unprotected sex? This is another issue we should exculde sexual transmitted diseases by swaps and blood tests. 
      Generally, keep calm nothing emergency but still we cant ignore cuz if not emeregency still it can be an infection which needs treatment.
      For time being, use topical and iral antihistamincs, u can use cortisone as well 'hydrocortisone if itching is severe. 
      I need you tell me more about if this is first time u get such spots, any assiciated symptoms like fever, or ulcers,  dyuria"paunful urination" how long those spots are till now, and when they appeared after ur return ir while there, u had any unprotected sex or not. And please send me a picture if possible. You are welcome to contact me again. And don't worry, you will be fine soon.
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      I started having these red spots whilr i am there in maldives but it increased when back. I have no temperature, fever, neck stiffness or painful urination. I have attached a picture of how it looks. Also o didny have unprotected sex. Could this possibly be due to kon clean towels frim hotel or lenin?
    • Dr. Engy William
      Yes it can be due to unclean towels or something look in pic it seems very mild and nothing to worry about. This will resolvecwithin few days use antihistamincs for itching. Still get it check on tuesday but it is not urgent no worries. Keep me updated if anything new happens
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      Could this be molluscum contagiosum? What could be the treatment? Is it serious in this case?
    • Dr. Engy William
      No from.pic it is not molluscum even if mollusum no treatment is needed it is self limiting and not contagious you wont infect anyone now, look few days and everything will settle down. Use something for itching that's all.