Follow up from strep throat
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Hey! If you remember I am the lady that got strep throat. It has been since Dec 26 and I still have a cough (sometimes there is phlegm/mucous) and I still have a runny nose. I have taken all of your advice...please let me know what else I must do.  
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    • Dr. Muhammad Majid Hanif
      Thanks for the follow up. Yes, I remember that unfortunately the year didn't end the way as you may have thought. I remember you got Strep throat, got medical help and was feeling much better after a few days. I am sure Z-Pack is over until now.
      Such kind of infections may take around 2 weeks (more or less) to come under control. You got much better after treatment. If I was your treating Physician I may have added nasal decongestants, anti-allergic and some antitussive medications too. They will help at this stage.
      Secondly, you need a thorough evaluation of your nose from and ENT Specialist for any abnormalities. This kind of symptoms are usually seen in nasal septal defects; nasal polyps and/or other growths etc. After ruling out nasal issues better to rule out GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) as that is also a constant irritating source for throat and leads to issues like you have.
      Hope it helps. Please feel free to ask more queries if you have any doubts, queries.
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      This has been very helpful for me. I have been observing my food intake and notice that if I take in easier to digest foods there is no coughing and no mucous...but if I eat red meat or dairy I notice Inget the symptom of coughing up phlem... this happened once before after anoher illness (respiratory) about 4 years ago. Is there anything left for me to so or will time make it go away. I am significantly better now but I cough up phlem after eating those types of foods. My runny nose is better!
    • Dr. Muhammad Majid Hanif
      Welcome back!
      I am glad that you feel much better now. It's my pleasure to help you whenever needed. I want to add that keep track of your diet and remain strict on kicking off the diet that you know can be a cause of ill symptoms.
      Gargling with lukewarm saline water, taking plenty of clean drinking water, taking easy to digest food, avoidance of fried fatty fast and junk food including beverages and energy drinks, cigarettes & alcohol is all what can be beneficial for you. Add dark berries in your diet. It will provide you energy to combat your illness.
      You are all doing very well. Keep it up and if you have any doubts, I am here to help.