Shiloulder pain when sleeping
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I was diagnosed with calcific tendinitis by an orthopedist.  He gave me a shot in the shoulder and sent me to a PT.  Also, prescribed NSAI.  That was 1 month ago.  I followed everything.  I sleep little.  The pain wakes me up.  I can move my arm all around.  It feels soared.  Sometimes,  I feel pain comes and goes during day time.  I am not taking any medication   I do the PT exercises religiously but I don't see him any more.  It does not seem to help.   Are there any other options.  Thanks??
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    • Dr. Guillermo Guzman
      Hi there
      I Will give you my opinion 
      If the shoulder pain won't go Amat with PT and NSAI, then i think the next step would be a steroid infiltration direct unto your shoulder.
      If that won't relieve pain, then i will suggest a Shoulder Arthroscopy, with that procedure most of the injuries can be fix and the pain will go away. Maybe you have a torn rotator cuff as well besides the calcifications. So my advice would be, go to your local Orthopedic Surgeon and see what he has yo offer. Do you take a shoulder MRI?
      Best regards!